Crocs Womens Crocs Classic Marbled Clogs – Womens Shoes Black/White Size 06.0

Original. Versatile. Comfortable! The Crocs Classic Marbled Clog brings a comfort revolution to your closet. Whether you are heading to the beach or having a casual walk through the streets, these clogs deliver cushion comfort to your feet. Feel the joy and the color of any given day with these colorful clogs featuring Croslite Marble material. Lightweight, flexible, and unique, these easy-to-clean-and-dry clogs bring out your colorful personalities with every different set. Crocs Classic Marbled Clog features: The marble effect brings exclusivity to your look. Lightweight material makes it fun to wear. Ventilation port provides breathability and helps shed water and debris. Pivoting heel straps give a secure feel. Customizable with Jibbitz charms. Crocs material offers 360-degree comfort.


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