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Get your zodiac on foot!

Your sneakers are written in the stars....

There's a perfect sneaker for each sun sign, and after looking to the stars for guidance, here are the cool kicks that we think best fit each sign whether you believe it or not!


The word that immediately comes to mind when you think of an Aries (and this shoe) is bold. This first sign of the zodiac is fiery, ambitious, and courageous so you could 100% bet on finding a fun sneaker like this in a Ram’s closet.


Taureans are sensuous, security seeking and extremely dependable - as in we all need a Taurus in our life. If they were a shoe, they would be this white air max 95. This kick is a classic, trendy, versatile and safe buy that’ll go with literally any outfit!


These extra comfy and lightweight runners make it easy to feel as if you could fly away – kinda the way a Gemini can go MIA. They’re also an electric on-the-go staple that’ll bring fun to the everyday, like your gemini friend. 




These Valentine's Day Love Letter shoes seem like the perfect fit for the warm and nurturing Cancers of the zodiac. The rosy hues make these Air Force 1’s way too pretty to turn down and, just like a trusty Cancer, they’re a reliable go-to. 



Turn heads when you walk into the room with these eye candies. These sneakers embody the personality of a Leo: Fierce, funky, and bedazzled with just the right amount of gold to keep it classy. 


V is for VEJA.. and for Virgo. Virgos love to keep it simple and practical. As extremely hardworking and focused individuals, they’re always busy ticking things off of their to-do lists. These earthtone kicks are perfect for a Virgo;they’re ridiculously comfortable and suited for a busy lifestyle.


Libras love to keep the peace and harmony. They have a soft spot for elegance and make sure to appear put-together but not too showy. These New Balances have the ideal minimalist design with the perfect (turned-down hue of pastel pink, a color Libras are typically drawn to. 



Make a statement with these Yeezys that emanate an intense energy. Scorpios are enigmatic, passionate creatures who love to the core. These shoes are bound to become your next infatuation. 



Explore outside your comfort zone…the way Saggitarius’s do..and go for the quirky pattern. These striking sneakers are effortlessly attention grabbing and unique. Not to mention, they’re also comfy and breathable  – perfect for all your adventures.



In the sneaker world, converse are the emblems of practicality. You can never go wrong with a classic black chuck. Capricorns have a high craving for security and stability making these an all-time fav that will never let you down.


 Aquarians are known to value individuality and stray as far away from the basics as possible. These Mcqueens are something special – unique and resistant to classification. Walk outside of the box with these quirky denim stompers.




Release your imaginative side, and fall in love with these dreamy Pumas. Pisces are known to be the fantasizers of the zodiac, oftentimes very emotional and compassionate. We think they would have a deep appreciation for these floral fantasy-like kicks


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