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Pair of Aces: Brianna Agyemang

Co-creator of 'Blackout Tuesday'. Music industry maven talks self-expression from the foot up.

Q: What’s your first memory with sneakers?
A: My earliest memories of sneakers bring me back to my aunt. I was about nine or so, my aunt was in high school and she had all the cool sneakers. I used to stay with her in Queens sometimes, and I remember her having the Pippins, with the air sign on the side, and remembering those being so cool. And also growing up in New York. Streetwear was such a big thing, and I remember that being my earliest memory of sneakers but I wasn’t fully in it yet.

Q: What was your first pair?
A: I remember the first pair of sneakers that I bought with my own money was a pair of New Balances. Super classics but fly and they went with our gray plaid uniform skirt. Essentially we were all dressed the same, but we weren’t. We had to show our personality through what was on our feet. You could express yourself, not only through how you spoke, how you walked and talked, and how you looked, but also what you had on. I remember getting compliments and thinking, “Oh wow, okay. I like this!” You can’t live off compliments, but hey I was young. 

Q: What did that pair mean to you?
A: That was my little piece of spark that I had to show off who I was and some of the things that I liked, but also helped me develop my style as I got more into sneakers, I was like “Oh, I like comfort, but I also like style”, you know what I mean? And where am I willing to sacrifice? I’ll sacrifice a little bit of comfort if it looks good.


Q: How else do you accessorize your style?
A: These are the chains I wear daily. We can start with my Africa symbol. My family is from Ghana and I love to represent and show love to Ghana and embrace where I’m from and where my family is from. Then we have my Nefertiti, this one came from my great aunt, who is no longer with us. She gifted it to my mom and I “borrowed” it from my mom. I have my Brownie chain. This is the Brownie signature twist chain. We recently put a run of these out for sale. You can wear this every day like a staple, but it has flare, which is why we have the little wave. 

Q: What’s in rotation today?
A:  I would say my P-6000. These are newer and they’re in rotation as well. They’re very very comfortable, I can wear them with anything and they work well with quarantine attire. And also, I got these [Nike] Blazers, and I just love them because they could be also dressed up. I love it. It goes with everything. I love the silhouette of the Blazer.

Q: Do you dress from top-down or shoes up?
A: Depending on the day, I’ll dress from the top down or I’ll dress from the shoe up. It also depends on if my hair is done. Because if I need a hat, then that starts everything. 



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