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Essentials of the Month: Comfort is key for life!

When we say cozy we mean it! Put your feet up and take the rest of the week off with this bunch of very snug kicks.

Yes, it’s still winter, but we’re ready to look at our wardrobe through a new lens. Take cozy to a new level short of a snuggie blanket.

Air Jordan 1 High Aleali May Court Lux


Sometimes we leave the house and pretend we are not dressing up only to get a coffee-to-go. This is when the Aleali’s come out. Fancy but not super fancy Js with a cozy removable furry tongue we love.

Reebok beatnik sandal


These Beatniks are rare to come by which made us jump over this find. Pop these on with your favorite socks, and the cozy status elevates!

Crocs Classic Clog Palace Jungle Camo


At Common Ace HQ we have a couple of die-hard croc lovers, so when this collab dropped they went in! Fortunately, there are still a few pairs floating around. If your size is left, we suggest you grab them.


Nike Air Jordan 1 Fleece


Doubling as potential slippers with the fleece, remember to take them off at the door! Clean and simple, warm and snug just how we love them. For all you J lovers out there, these are a must for you too.

Adidas Yeezy Slide


Another ‘eezy’ and ultra-comfy pair are the Yeezy Slides. Doable all year round, this season we particularly love them with cozy colorful wool socks and wool pants.

Come wintertime we want to feel as cozy as possible, as soon as we walk in the door and get sideways on the couch. Treat your feet this month with comfy vibes; the key to good living. And if you’re after something different there’s always more here!

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