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Lifecycle of a Shoe: Kae St. KITTS

Sharing tips and advice, our guests shed light on the importance of mindful consumption and the other ways they choose to make an impact. Kae, a Toronto native, wears many hats including being a sustainability creative, fashion stylist, floral artist, and visual merchandiser.

Common Ace: What are some ways in which consumers can be more mindful when it comes to sustainability in sneakers and streetwear?

Kae: One of the best ways to be more mindful when it comes to sustainability in streetwear is to find new homes for your loved pieces— whether it is selling them on eBay or donating to a great cause, what’s old to me is new to you. You can even take a pair of scissors to your old pieces, cut up the arms to make a short sleeve, make a crop top, make some shorts, reuse those pieces to make some patches, or even tie dye them to give them new life!

Common Ace: Who would you say is doing a great job of moving the dial when it comes to sustainability in streetwear?

Kae: A brand making great strides in sustainability is definitely Nike. With their Move to Zero initiative, they have taken existing textiles like plastic and have reworked some of their classic silhouettes to be more sustainable.

Common Ace: One of the best ways to be mindful is to invest in sneakers you’ll have for a long time. What's one of the most timeless silhouettes in your mind?


Kae: One of my favourite most timeless sneaker silhouettes would hands down have to be the Air Force One. And I think many of you can agree too because this tends to be a go-to for everyone! I love it so much that I have created my own art from this sneaker, and it’s also made from sustainable materials. 


Common Ace: There’s an immense pressure for people to secure new items as soon as they drop. How do you avoid getting sucked into this “buy new, be first” way of consuming?


Kae: Now look, I know that there is a ton of pressure to have the newest, hottest sneaker. But believe me, the best policy here is to get things that are true to your aesthetic and style, and are also comfortable. Not only as a sustainable creative speaking or as a wardrobe stylist, it is just the best policy to get things that are authentic to you so that you ensure to wear it for years to come.

Common Ace: How can we encourage progressive conversation surrounding sustainability in the sneaker and streetwear industry?


Kae: It is extremely important that we continue to have these conversations around environmental consciousness because it’s something that affects all of us. So whether it’s purchasing ethically sourced clothing, or for me, creating art that’s made from disregarded materials— I will continue to push the envelope by invoking creativity and conversation by making art. 

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