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Lifecycle of a Shoe: Indah Nur

Lifecycle of a Shoe Series with eBay Sneakers Sharing tips and advice, our guests shed light on the importance of mindful consumption and the other ways they choose to make an impact. This week, it’s Indah Nur, designer, creative, and innovator. Let’s talk sustainability.

Common Ace: What are some ways in which consumers can be more mindful when it comes to sustainability in sneakers and streetwear?

Indah: To me one of the best ways to be mindful when it comes to sustainability is to upcycle. I love working with material that I already have around my house. For instance, I have so much leftover fabric from when I was in design school that I still use today by creating patches for my jackets, etc. One of my favourite projects I ever worked on was my upcycle trouser that I made out of Louis Vuitton dust bags. It’s still one of my favourite pieces I ever made— I made it a couple years ago and still wear it to this day. 

Common Ace: Who would you say is doing a great job of moving the dial when it comes to sustainability in streetwear?

Indah: I think the designers creating new life with material they already have around them are the ones that move the needle in sustainability. I think that by sharing their process online with TikTok, Instagram, YouTube— they really inspire others to do the same and be more mindful and creative with the pieces they already own right in their closets.

Common Ace: One of the best ways to be mindful is to invest in sneakers you’ll have for a long time. What's one of the most timeless silhouettes in your mind?

Indah: One of my favourite sneaker silhouettes would be the Air Force One. To me it has really great top, lateral, and medial views. It also comes with so many different materials and colorways. It’s accessible. It’s comfortable. It goes with everything I have in my closet. 

Common Ace: There’s an immense pressure for people to secure new items as soon as they drop. How do you avoid getting sucked into this “buy new, be first” way of consuming?

Indah: How I avoid getting sucked into the “buy new, be first” way of consuming is to identify my personal style. I try not to look into trends that I see on TikTok or Instagram. Instead, I shop based on my needs and priorities. I look into what makes me comfortable, what makes me feel my best, and how I can wear it more than once— then I invest in great quality pieces.


Common Ace: How can we encourage progressive conversation surrounding sustainability in the sneaker and streetwear industry?

Indah: Spread awareness on social media such as TikTok and Instagram, and continue to do our own research on how we can improve ourselves as individuals to be more mindful in the way that we consume. 

Common Ace: What’s your summer style?

Indah: A style that I’m enjoying this summer is parachute pants. They’re the ultimate comfort, especially during hot days. They’re easily put on, come with so many different materials and colors, you can dress them up or down with sneakers and boots. But you can also wear them any season. I think they’re something you can style all year long. 


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