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Lifecycle of a Shoe: Ysabel Hilado

Sharing tips and advice, our guests shed light on the importance of mindful consumption and the other ways they choose to make an impact, starting with California native Ysabel Hilado, fashion designer, and digital content creator.

Common Ace: What are some ways in which consumers can be more mindful when it comes to sustainability in sneakers and streetwear?

Ysabel: When it comes to sustainability in the sneaker and streetwear industry, it’s important to be mindful of your consumption habits. I think especially with social media it makes us feel like we always have to be the first person to post about this specific item—when really it shouldn’t be like that.

Common Ace: Who would you say is doing a great job of moving the dial when it comes to sustainability in streetwear?

Ysabel: I love designers such as Nicole McLaughlin and Tega Akinola who are creating new and innovative garments through upcycling. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world right now, so if we can minimize textile waste that’s a great step into a more sustainable direction. As a fashion designer myself, I love incorporating upcycling into a lot of my designs and working with denim.

Common Ace: One of the best ways to be mindful is to invest in sneakers you’ll have for a long time. What's one of the most timeless silhouettes in your mind?

Ysabel: Jordan 1’s are one of my favourite, most timeless sneaker silhouettes. There’s so many colour waves and styles to choose from and you can easily find one to fit your personal style. My very first pair of 1’s were gifted to me by my boyfriend back in 2018, and they were a pair of 2009 Shadows. I wore them to the point where the leather started to peel but they were the gateway shoes that made me want to get more sneakers, so I’ll definitely be keeping those forever. (You can pick up a pair of Shadows using Authenticity Guarantee with eBay Sneakers here)!

Common Ace: There’s an immense pressure for people to secure new items as soon as they drop. How do you avoid getting sucked into this “buy new, be first” way of consuming? 

Ysabel: The best way to avoid getting sucked into the “buy new, be first” way of consuming is to think of if you’re buying the item for bragging rights or if you know it’ll fit into your closet. I usually wait a few weeks up to a year, and if I’m still thinking about it, I will find a way to buy it on second hand websites or a reseller. A lot of the items I have today were bought second hand and I’m very happy with all my purchases. 

Common Ace: How can we encourage progressive conversation surrounding sustainability in the sneaker and streetwear industry?

Ysabel: To be more sustainable in the sneaker and streetwear industry, avoid impulse purchases and take note of what you already have in your closet. Invest in pieces that you’ll know you’ll reach for instead of wearing once and having it sit out. If you tend to refresh your closet every few months, consider listing them on second hand websites such as eBay or donating instead of throwing them out. It’s important to extend the lifecycle of our garments so we avoid putting them in our landfills. 

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