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Find the light with Mercury in Retrograde

We can blame the stars when we have communication breakdowns or we can’t find our phone (dammit!) but why not look at it from another perspective….

It’s that time of the year again when Mercury does its retro spin and sends us all into a tizzy until October 18! 

Suddenly we're all freaking out when communication, tech, and travel doesn’t quite go with the flow. Or our shoes go missing! “Where’s my 95s?!”

But with a bit of cosmic guidance and insight we don’t have to take the Merc as a ‘bad' sign. On the contrary - we can work the retrograde magic into utilizing this time for the greater good for one self.

1. Slow it down!

Besides not signing up for new ventures, buying a new laptop and watching your words (and actions) wisely as miscommunication vibes are off the charts - this is a fantastic time for us all to chill out from all new endeavours.

2. Time to re-up

This time is golden for a re-edit and to refocus on what’s good for us. We can also revisit anything from the past that we might need some nurturing from - like an old friend (or lover), finish working on that big idea you’ve left on a shelf, or maybe it’s time to give your mom a call and have that overdue catch up re-minder.

3. Make some space

You might have been staring at a pair of old, unloved kicks for a while now. What a perfect time to clear out and make space for new energy to flow into your life once mercury spins straight again.


What we resist will persist. Rather than creating resistance to this useful transit - let’s bring on the universe’s way of saying take a beat, put on some old kicks and ring your mother!


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