Small Biz Saturdays: KARA by Sarah Law

KARA by Sarah Law (@kara): New York based Accessories Line

Why do you do what you do?
I chose the name KARA from karaoke, which means empty orchestra in Japanese. I loved this idea of an empty space, where you are free to express your personality and creativity. I embrace this approach in the design of the bags, objects, and in the way that they relate to the wearer - empty surfaces onto which you can project yourself.  I want the brand to celebrate this multifaceted individual and recognize that, as a community, we can manifest a spectrum.

What do you want the Common Ace community to know?

KARA is an enthusiastic celebration of being many things - not fitting into a specific mold. Because of my background growing up in Hong Kong with a Caucasian, American mother and Chinese father, I've always been drawn to creative expressions of individuality and understanding how people imagine themselves free from stereotypes.

I want KARA to provide great designs with a sense of playfulness and with the attitude that you should wear the bag, the bag should not wear you.

What’s your favorite piece right now?
Hematite Crystal Mesh Vest!!

Favorite sneaker? (you know we had to ask…)
Nike Daybreak SP Sneaker in Black

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