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Global Community

The future of sneakers is diverse, ever-evolving and thriving.

Welcome to the future of the sneaker community. We are an evolving, global community connected by the love for sneakers. To celebrate this ever-expanding global, creative community, we rounded up a few friends and talked kicks at the new Studio ISM in Los Angeles, CA.  

From new collectors to seasoned OG’s, style mavens, to cozy commuters, what kept coming up was why are we still choosing between the categories of men’s vs women’s? Searching walls on opposite ends of the store and scrolling distinctly separate tabs? We’re re-examining the dated approach to sneaker culture.

Artist and Digital Creator











Shannon Costello
Non-binary Model, Brand Strategist and Designer








    Miles Thompson
    Model and Creative









Adeline Saldena
Writer and Creative Director

Humberto Del Toro
Artist and Digital Creator

Solo Jaxon
Recording Artist

Collin McMannis
Founder of brand: LLovesick


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