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Take Five with Artist and DJ Brittany Sky

Queens-bred Brittany Sky chats kicks, fits and inspiration.

Where are you from? Queens, NY 

What is something about you people don’t know? I can be shy but I enjoy company. I've learned during quarantine I'm actually okay with being alone. 

Define yourself in 3 words Shy, Optimistic, Over-Thinker

If you could pick one song to be the soundtrack of your life, what would it be? Celebration by Kool & The Gang

How has your hometown influenced your style/taste in sneakers? In Queens I had access to everything. Its always about being clean put together here. Growing up, my parents were super hip, so my mom always wore AirMax 97s. She always had me in really clean sneakers. Having the latest sneakers in school always made me feel cool and gave me the confidence I needed.


What is your go to sneaker? AF1 white lows 

How would you define a sneakerhead? Someone that wears sneakers more than any other type of shoe, and that get excited by releases and the culture..

What sneakers are on your wishlist? AJ1 Dior, Travis Scott 1s, Travis Scott dunks, and Ben&Jerrys dunks

When styling what comes first, shoes or outfit? I usually make it about the outfit first, or if its a new pair of shoes that I'm super excited about

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