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Take Five with Creative Manager Rowena Aarts AKA @rowieso

The Netherland's very own Rowena, talks art, sneakers and style.
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What is one thing most people don’t know about you? I recently started selling my own paintings here @byrowie !

What’s your go-to sneaker? Filling Pieces Reaf Zinc Grey

Whats one sneaker is on your wishlist?Jordan 1 Mid - It’s still a mystery to me why I haven’t got a single pair…..

How you define yourself in 3 words? Controlled, Calm & Creative 

What is the last book you read? A Dutch book, about how to break patterns in your own behaviour to improve - Super interesting to analyse where your own behaviour comes from and how you can shape and influence this to keep developing yourself. We are never finished growing.

How would describe your style? A day never goes by without me wearing an oversized item. Read: claiming my boyfriend’s wardrobe 😉

How does a perfect pair of sneakers make you feel?

A new perfect pair makes you forget all the pairs you already own.

What's your idea of a perfect sneaker? This really depends on my mood waking up. Can be ‘a chunky neon colored sneaker’-kind of day or ‘a clean white pair’-kind of day.

What are you inspired by? Positive people with good vibes & energy

What about Common Ace is exciting to you? Daily inspiration …and the color palette lol - I def have a weakness for color coordinated timelines.

What is your style icon?I don’t really get inspired by one person - I love this Instagram profile @urbanrepublics for style inspo. Love the mood & aesthetic.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be? If you Don’t be afraid to show yourself and be YOU.

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