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Take Five with Daiana Veron

Daiana chats sneakers and fits with Common Ace.

Where are you from? Located Charleston, SC

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? That Co-own a clothing brand.- @manallbrand

What’s your go-to sneaker? Chicago 1s

How many sneakers do you have? 50ish

How would you define a “sneakerhead”? A sneakerhead is someone who loves and respects sneakers and its history

When styling yourself, what comes first? Shoes or outfit? Outfit

What’s one sneaker that is on your wishlist? Jordan 1 Pinnacle - Vanchetta Tan

How would you define yourself in three words? Resilient, witty and empathetic

If you could pick one song to be the soundtrack of your life, what would it be and why? Sunday Morning Jetpack- Big Sean — the reason why i picked this song is because it reminds me of home (Argentina) and all the struggle my family and I have gone through as immigrants.

How has your hometown influenced your style/taste in sneakers? I think growing up in the south and being the only girl in my family I was always influenced by what my brothers and their friends were wearing. There’s a sauce in the South that made me more open-minded to even the most “masculine” sneakers but mixing them with a dress or a skirt since I was in high school. My hometown is actually not very sneaker influenced. I went to a predominately all black school where I picked my love for sneakers. First pair I bought for myself were air force 1s or “willie Ds” as well called them.

Common Ace wants to uplift YOUR voice!

As an immigrant I’ve experienced racism and discrimination. But even as an immigrant it does not compare to the blatant racism black people in this country go through! It’s very important to me that I use my voice to inform/educate the latino community as to why we must show support to BLM. Fighting for them also means fighting for us! Joining forces as minorities is the only way to see change for POC and BIPOC. Black Lives Matter! Immigrant Lives Matter! 

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