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Flex Out With These Kicks – Sneakers that make people do that double take

Want to drop a pretty coin on some kicks or show off a legendary find? Flex a lil in these kicks!

Tip the toe, show stop during your walking commute, or flash that foot with these sneakers.


Crocs Classic Hiker Peace Out Green

Serious construction and psychedelic colors will bring eyes down to your feet for a second look at these babies. Not a bank breaker but a flex no doubt, because of your confidence to rock’em.

SALOMON XT-6 ADV Running Shoe

These are STILL turning heads. Salomon's have been legendary in the nature lane, but these have migrated into the everyday fit. Toss these on to flex your knowledge and your ability to decide to stick to function over hype.



Off-White Off-Court 3.0 sneakers

Bet you weren’t expecting to see these - that’s the point. When was the last time you saw someone rocking these? We all know an Off-White flex speaks for itself.


Balenciaga X-Pander

A new take on a runner with the Balenciaga twist. Per usual Balenciaga loves to challenge the structure of a sneaker. These kicks bring just enough double take for you to feel affirmed in this pricey flex.


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