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Pair of Aces: Katherine Johnsen

Katherine Johnsen AKA BeachyKJ shares the story behind her hunt behind a Pair of Aces: Jordan Bred Toes

Where did your love for sneakers start?

My love for sneakers started when I was in junior high school.

My older brother was a huge sneakerhead, still is and he definitely got me really excited about the sneaker world and a lot of the history behind the shoes I love. 

Where did you have to hunt for them? 

My favorite pair that means so much to me would be my Jordan 1s Bred Toes. I really wanted to get my hands on these in 2018. I remember being in New York and trying them on at consignment stores. They were just so expensive!  My brother hunted them down for me from an eBay seller he had used previously and they were almost dead stock! I wear these shoes all of the time since they have such a good story behind them for me. 

Tell us about that special pair.

Jordan 1s were my first introductions to Jordans because they were very easy to incorporate into my wardrobe. I love the story behind the Bred Toes being a merger of the black tone the band and the story of how I got those shoes really makes them my favorite in my collection. 



What’s something you’re a stickler about when it comes to your sneakers?

One of the things I’m a stickler for is pre-creasing my shoes. I actually learned it from a friend of mine, Andy. When I get a new pair, especially Jordan 1s, I like to pre-crease them so that when you walk the crease stays where you made it as opposed to creasing the to entire toe of the shoe. To pre-create your shoes, I typically do this on foot. You’re gonna place your three fingers right where the toe starts and push down. And then you’re gonna bend with your foot like the metatarsal so that you pre-make a crease. And then when you walk the shoe typically creases where you’ve made that as opposed to the entire toe. 

What are your top 3 grails?

My most worn top three grails would be my Sean Wotherspoon 97 Ones. I love these shoes!  I love the corduroy. Love Round Two. These ones definitely make my top three.

Number two for me would be my ALD New Balance 997. The suede is so beautiful and the color are dope! And I just find them a super wearable silhouette. 

My number three would be my Jordan One Rookie of the Year. I absolutely love the colorway! I think it’s pretty underrated and I find I wear these all the time because they’re super wearable and I absolutely love that brown. 

And lastly, I have to give a shout out to my fourth favorite pair right now which would be the Travis Scotts. Love these shoes!

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