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Sneakers you need in 2024: (Common Ace’s 2024 Hitlist)

It is officially 2024, and as a CommonAce girl, you want to put your best foot forward into this new year– wearing the best sneakers of course! 2023 was the year of the sambas, gazelles,, and all things ‘cool girl’. Don’t get us wrong, we love, love, love these sneakers, they’re on our fav list! However, reigning in the new year always calls for some changes, and we’ve narrowed down five of the best emerging sneakers for 2024 that will set your year on the right track! 


The Nike Cortez: 

This silhouette is booming throughout the sneaker world. Originally released in 1972, The Nike Cortez is the perfect sneaker that takes the style you want from a samba and gazelle but hasn’t yet flooded everybody’s pinterest page. This classic shoe is ideal paired with your favorite blue jeans, or a casual skirt; exemplifying the term ‘casual chic’, there’s a reason this sneaker is still popular over fifty-years later! 


Salomon ASC Pro

The Salomon ASC Pro seamlessly combines the agility and style needed for those of you looking for a shoe you can wear for working out, and going out! Crafted for those who seek adventure and comfort in every step, so whether you’re navigating rugged terrains or strolling through city streets, the ASC Pro is perfect for whatever 2024 throws your way!


Saucony Pro-Grid Omni 9

If you’re looking to cross the boundary of street style X gorpcore X subtle elegance, the Saucony Pro Grid Omni 9 is perfect for you. The ‘Triple Black’ sneaker goes with any outfit, regardless of your destination, and for those looking for a pop of color, Saucony is sure to have the look for you!


New Balance 1906R:

New Balance is no stranger to the trending page but the New Balance 1906Rs take the perfect amount of inspiration from the brand’s iconic history, while integrating the newest styles. Like many sneakers based on athletic utility, these sneakers are great to wear on days with multiple tasks and to-dos; whether it’s the gym, coffee-date, or a day at the office, these sneakers exude coolness with every step. 


Puma Palermo:

If 2023 was the year of the sambas and gazelle’s, 2024 ought to be the year of Palermo’s. Like the Nike Cortez’s, palermo’s have that distinct silhouette that can’t help but be a vintage classic. Incredibly versatile for styling and utility, these sneakers come in a wide range of colors for whatever palette you’re on the hunt for. 



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