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Socks your sneakers need

What goes on your feet matters! (And not just your sneakers)


The very unusual suspect of making or breaking an outfit is not what hat you wear on your head, or what earrings are on your ears, but what socks are on your feet! Socks are sometimes the most forgotten item of an outfit but can make the biggest difference. Here is my guide for the how to’s, and what nots for picking, styling, and rocking socks!

Ankle socks are unfortunately cancelled! My sincerest apologies to the ankle sock community, but ankle socks do not have a place in our wardrobes. So, if you’re going for a casual sally moment, the crew sock is the one for you! These go right above your ankle bone, and are flattering for any silhouette; if we’re wearing leggings, your favourite pair of jeans, or a cute skirt, a crew sock will be your best friend.

The secret power of a tonal sock. What do I mean by tonal sock you may ask? If I’m wearing my favourite Salomon XT-6’s in oatmeal, I’m going to wear an oatmeal coloured sock! You’ll elevate the cohesiveness of your outfit by pairing these tones together in the most subtle – but distinct – way.

Throw out those athletic socks! Okay, you don’t need to throw them out entirely, but when we’re going to work, and wearing nice trousers with sneakers, we don’t really want to pair this outfit with a chunky athletic sock. Wearing a wool or cashmere sock instead, will be just a bit dressier and gives you freedom to have fun with it. You can find so many socks with cute details or fun patterns that’ll just elevate your look! Nylon socks are a huge life saver here, because they dress up what can be a more casual sneaker look, into a chic statement piece.

When to wear the ‘no-show’ sock. This sock style can be up for debate, but sometimes this look has its moment! When wearing a cigarette ankle on your pants, or having a cute anklet you’d like to show off, the no-show sock is perfectly appropriate. 


Now that you are half-way through your sock elevation journey, here is our list for the best spots to grab the cutest socks for whatever you need!


Simons is perfect for whatever type of sock you’re looking for! They have a ton of options from wool and knit socks for a cozy vibe, and ruffled, or embroidered socks for a cute one! You can find a ton, for a great price as well:)


KOTN has a fantastic selection of the cutest and coziest socks, available in a ton of different colors and styles. Whether you’re looking for a simple crew or cable-knit sock, you’ll have no issue finding one that’ll go perfectly with so many sneakers and outfits. 


Etsy may not be your first choice when it comes to buying socks, but it is seriously worth it. Simone Rochahas so many beautiful socks to choose from on etsy, which will add the slightest touch of coquette inspo to your wardrobe! When shopping on etsy it is best to be very specific in your search; believe me, whatever you yearn for, someone on etsy has it!



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