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Pair of Aces: Romy Samuel

Introducing our inaugural Pair of Aces feature: Romy Samuel. Long time Collector and Co-Founder of Common Ace.

What was the first pair that mattered?

Stan Smiths. They were the first pair of sneakers I remember my dad wearing, as a little girl. And, I used to put them on my feet and tie them up, even though they were too big for me, and I would walk around the house in them.

This is typically about ⅓ of ⅓ of ⅓ of my crazy closet

Q: How did your upbringing connect you to sneakers?
A: My connection to sneakers evolved from having grown up in a big skate and surf community, and having a father who had a love for sneakers and sportswear, as well. 

Q: When did you get your first pair?
A: I think I had a pair in the 80s at some point, can't remember when? Hahaha, but then I think it wasn't until 2013 when they re-dropped that it was sort of like that magic moment of reconnecting the dots. 

Q: How does that first pair make you feel?
A: If I could explain it to you, it makes me feel closer to my dad. It really does. That’s what it is more than anything else.




Q: What pair of sneakers has that very special feeling for you?
A: My favorite pair of shoes right now, and have been for this year particularly, has been the Vomero. They're so sporty and comfortable and they look good with everything.

Q: How many Vomeros do you have and in what color?
A: Four. Gray, neon green, red and electric blue.

Q: Do you dress from the top down, or shoes up?
A: I have a massive love for fashion, and I really do have moments where I walk into my wardrobe and I’m like “I need to wear THAT hoodie today”. It depends on the day.

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