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Essentials of the Month: Winter is coming!

Here’s our guide to all-weather sneakers that get you through those dipping temps!

As the days grow shorter and our friend the sun is making less of an appearance we feel more inclined to get out those kicks that make winter fashion that more fun. Bring on the boots, the chunkies and some extra tread to deal with those wet, windy and snowy days!

Nike ACG Air Mowabb


Nike’s ‘All Conditions Gear’ aka ACG has always been a go-to for unexpected terrain and climate for when the going gets tough! The Moabb mixes in the classic ‘Huarache’ silhouette with blue neoprene to give you some rugged retro vibes.

Yeezy Desert Boot Rock


Neutrals are back and they’re definitely here to stay! Perfectly designed and aligned with the fashion pack, this desert hiking look will remain a favorite for the cool climates everywhere and will go with just about anything!

off-white odsy-1000


Off-White does it again. Made in Italy with its flawless construction, we give it 10/10 for a shoe that not only has ‘OG’ stamped all over it but will turn heads for days! It will probably stop you from slipping on that icy sidewalk too!

Converse Run Star Motion


Get your chunky cool on with this new rendition of the Hike collection! Feel like you're walking on air whilst navigating those winter streets. Mix these up with your favorite little black dress for a Saturday night moment too!

Reebok DMX Trail Shadow


Tested out in a NYC blizzard storm last winter by one of our co-founders, Sophia Chang, this shoe is touted as a favorite for extreme weather! Insulated well from rain, slush, and wind, and with a strong grip, you won't be slipping and sliding anywhere. Plus, so many colorways to choose from and a price that can’t be beat!

When the degrees are not on your side you can bet one of these pairs will definitely fit the bill! Come rain or shine, winter baby we are ready for it all and if you’re still debating what to grab no doubt you’ll find something here!

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